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Top 10 best Restaurants in India

Food is not just an easy gulp by bare satisfaction to your 5cm long taste buds on your tongue, but it also is a sacred ritual to energies, calm and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.
Below, we have enlisted some of the best restaurants in the country that diligently cater to feast you their signature sumptuous delicacies in peace, uber-fresh, creative and absolutely luxurious settings.

 1. Smokehouse Grill, New Delhi

Infamous and burdened with innumerable awards, this sleek restaurant in the capital of India has endless list of a innovative blend of Indian cuisines along with European dishes. The food is well accolade for its indigenous smoky flavour that is amazing delicious and sumptuous.

2. Bukhara, Maurya sherton, New Delhi

This infamous restaurant has dishes named in reverence to the visited US presidents, exclusively created upon their visits. It has dishes named after Obama, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. The restaurant has a signature taste for every dish, as it is a blend of diverse meat, lentils and spices of the Indian Cuisine. The best of which is, Dalk Makhani where the Dal is kept on stove to simmer for around 48 hours.

3. Travertino,The Oberoi, New Delhi

This amazing restaurant caters its customers to world’s best wines and cheese collection brilliantly flaunted at its entry. Which then opens into the dining and is primarily an Italian restaurant. It was also picked up once by, Forbes magazine to be titled as India’s best expensive restaurant. It boasts of its signature truffles of the likes of Umbiran black truffle, tagliolini and Risotto.

4.  Koh, Mumbai

With the start of the restaurant being Ian Kittachai, nothing could stop its blazing fame and fortune. The restaurant presents its customers with an extensive list of incredible Thai dishes that serves uber-fresh and organic vegetables imported directly from Thailand to replicate the Thai rice cakes, coconut cheesecake and the signature green curries. Nothing stops to make your dining more memorable than this fine unforgettable treat to your taste buds too succulent.

5. Zen, Bangalore

Zen caters its customers with a fine display of authentic dishes of Japanese, Thai, Korean, Balinese and Singaporean highlights. The restaurant also provides a separate seating for customers interested in having their sushi and the Korean Barbecue. The Sake or Korean Soju is the best attractions of the place.

6. Wasabi, Mumbai

The restaurant boasts of its signature style of mixing whiskey with Japanese spices. In addition, the malts in the restaurant range back to 1930s and 40s. The best attractions are the crab samosas, guaccomoli paani puri with tamarind dressing and the iberico ham with figs.

7. Italia, Chennai

In the backdrop of the fame of Park International hotels, Italia also boasts of Chef Rajesh and the occasional dropping in of Chef Antonio Carluccio, the renowned BBC Chef. The best of their creations are the baked asparagus and risotto with roast chicken and Tiramisu.

8. Villa 39, Mumbai

This gorgeously decorated restaurant has a self-made bridal look with its incredible low lighting and interior designing. The restaurant serves innovative dishes like burrata, which is a blend of an Italian cheese and mozzarella and tomato and mozzarella pesto.

9. Wharf, Chennai

The is one unique restaurant that caters its customers to the luxury of having their fish not just cooking right in front of their eyes, but also caught into the catch live. The restaurant overlooks the sea does not simply a feast for your eyes, but also for your entire body, mind and tummies.

10. Karavali, Bangalore.

This Taj group of hotels in Mangalore provides not just the innovative and the unique tastes of Bangalore, but also the look and design of the typical homes in the area with wooden ceilings and panelling, incredible wooden furniture and antique lamps. The best attractions are the Alleppey fish Curry or the Coorg fried Chicken.

So, dash to these fine-dine places that cannot just enthral your taste-buds but also your mind, heart and soul as well!!!

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